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About 10017 Zip

Zip 10017 is an exciting one in terms of the buildings and structures that it contains. For one, it contains the well known the Grand Central Terminal; and on the other hand, it is home to the prestigious UN Headquarters. The United Nations stands for Peace and Security, World Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs and International Law. Zip 10017 has the esteemed honor of housing the United Nations Headquarters. Located in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of this Zip, the United Nations Headquarters complex was constructed in New York City in 1949.

The other neighborhoods in this Zip are Midtown East, Murray Hill and Tudor City.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region

Breaking it Down: East 49th and 50th Street to the North, East River Drive to the East, 5th Avenue to the West and East 40th Street to the South

Zipping Alongside: 10167, 10170, 10172, 10171, 10169 and 10177

Grand Central Terminal:

The Grand Central Terminal is located in Zip 10017, and is one of the largest train stations in the world. It boasts of 67 tracks and about 44 platforms. The Terminal has been a regular feature in a number of popular Hollywood films and sitcoms. The Taking of Pelham 123, The Perfect Score, Men in Black, and Superman: the Movie are just some of them.

Current day Grand Central Terminal is far from being the first railroad station of the City. As history states, neither is this the first structure to claim fame from the name 'Grand Central', and neither is it the first railroad with the name to occupy the location at 42nd and Park. In spite of all these facts, this monumental structure is a window to the expansion of the vibrant metropolis wherein it stands.

The best known icon of the Grand Central is the Central Clock. It is a four-faced clock, where all of the four faces are made from pure opal. The estimated value of these clocks is said to be between the $10 million to $20 million range.

United Nations Headquarters:

The United Nations HQ stands on land that falls within the boundaries of Zip 10017. There is, however, a little known fact about this 18 acre site. The site is not officially a part of the United States. With its own fire department, security force and postal administration, this international zone belongs to all of its member states. Within the HQ structure lie 4 buildings - the General Assembly Building, the Conference Building, the 39 floor Secretariat Building, and the Dag Hammarskjold Building. A team of about 11 architects, led by Wallace K. Harrison, were responsible for the design of this building(s).

There are guided tours of the UN HQ that operate on a daily basis. The staff in-charge will help explain the working of the UN and other organizations related to it. Visitors are taken around every main aspect of the HQ; right from the main Council Chambers to the General Assembly Hall. Part of the tour allows for viewing of artifacts and other art pieces that have been donated to the UN by its member states.

MetLife Building:

While the official address of the MetLife Building states its location as NY 10166, it is engulfed within the boundaries of Zip 10017 as well. Formerly known as the Pan Am Building, this structure was one of the largest office sites in the world when it was opened in the year 1963. A recognizable and integral part of the Manhattan skyline, the MetLife building is still on the 'fifty tallest buildings in the US' list. Initially designed by the respected Emery Roth & Sons, the MetLife building epitomizes the concept of an international style skyscraper. Given its iconic stature, the building has seen its fair share of coverage in films like Armageddon, Godzilla, Catch Me If You Can, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Ford Foundation:

Zip 10017 seems to be the place where everything significant stands. Why then, should the Ford Foundation be left behind? The Ford Foundation has, for over 50 years, stuck to its goal of -

  • Strengthening democratic values
  • Reducing poverty
  • Promoting international cooperation
  • Advancing human achievement
    • The aim of the foundation was to create fund programs that could provide grants to projects that focused on strengthening community and economic development, media, arts, education, human rights, democratic values, and arts & culture. Other than its name, the Ford Foundation does not have anything else in common with the Ford Motor Company. In 1976, the last Ford family member, Henry Ford II, resigned from the Board of Trustees. While resigning, he urged the foundation staff to remain open to any new ideas that could help the Ford Foundation in strengthening the economic system of the country.

      Foodie's Paradise:

      With so many places to visit and so many things to do within this Zip, it is only fair that the restaurants also measure up. Here are some names that rise up to challenge -

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